How To Become 
Using Proven Mindset Shifting Techniques 
That's Made Us Over $350,000 in One Year!
How would your finances be different if you could attract money magnetically?

How would your life be different if you no longer had to work hard and long hours just to survive?

What would it feel like for money to no longer be a struggle, and rather for it to flow effortlessly to you?
What if I told you, you can easily attract more money to you, simply by shifting your energy and mindset, and not working harder or longer?
"It was amazinggggg, and I really noticed a shift in my energy that I felt for days afterwards. 

Three random and unexpected checks in the mail later, I'm a believer!" 

~Michelle, Florida
I know it can feel hard to make money, like you just can't keep up.

I know it can feel so frustrating when people say to just work a little longer, get a better job, sacrifice yourself (and your soul) a little more - they don't understand your circumstances.
I know life is expensive!
If your bank account has run on empty in the past, it's not your fault.

If you've felt you can't attract money with ease, put those frustrations to rest.

Most people want you to think you can't attract money effortlessly, that you have to work hard to make a lot of money, but it's not true.
I’m here to show you how you can shift your energy to magnetically attract more money!
"I started doing the meditations and the day after the first chakra two potential clients got in touch with me out of the blue. The second chakra one made me cry and cough and cry so it was surely working! The third chakra one was beautiful and powerful too! 
This course is sooo good! "

~Elisa, Italy
Maybe you're too busy to work more and more and more...

Maybe you're tired of all the churn and it being so hard...

Maybe you wish someone would just support you, so you don't have to do it all on your own...

Maybe you wish you could just find an easier way...
As a single mom with no child support, all the pressure is on me.

 I can't work 16 hours days while caring for my young son - it's not an option.
I was always good with money, in fact my parents tell me my first word was CASH. 

But, there came a point in my life when I was completely out of my power around money and making decisions. I took some bad advice, and got myself $30k in debt, seemingly overnight. It felt soul crushing. My income was no longer enough to pay the monthly bills.

One day, I sat on my meditation cushion in total surrender - I didn’t know what else to do. Please, someone, help me.

In this point of desperation, and lots of crying, something happened. I saw all the limited beliefs I developed around money flash before my eyes and leave my body.

—> My parents telling me I was too young to earn six figures - gone

—> My ex-husband's anger that I easily earned money in the United States, while his family lived in Peru in poverty - gone

—>My step mother telling me that, since I'm a single mom, I will suffer until my son is 18 - gone

A huge release - and my energy shifted. 
I dried my eyes, got up, and knew something big had just happened.
Would you believe I received a new consulting offer four hours later!? 
And more offers in the coming weeks and months.

 All income sources that I could start up and put on autopilot. Easy.
I went from $30,000 in debt to over $350,000 in the bank in one year.
During this time I mastered the art of shifting and magnetizing my energy to attract money.
When I first received this amazing transformation, I had no idea how money and energy worked. I just knew I needed a change, and that’s what I got! No one taught me how to do this.

As I started seeing results for myself, I knew I had to share my new discovery with others. 

It started along the lines of "OMG, guess what I did?!  Can I help you too?!  
Let's see if it works for you!!   An experiment!!"  And it worked.

I started working with clients one-on-one, but the amount of time I can dedicate to this work is limited, and the amount of people I need to share this with is massive. My little boy needs me too.

Magical Money Multiplier is a course for women who want to attract money and keep it.
Full of money attraction activations and manifesting secrets (that actually work), Magical Money Multiplier will jumpstart your journey to becoming a magnet to money.
"Even from a distance Mindy was able to create the right space and guidance for me to go deep within and start exploring some strong emotional knots that had been seemingly buried for many years. "

~Emily, Los Angeles
  •  Seven Money Activations, one for each major energy center in your body
  •  A system to shift your mindset and energy, that only requires you to heal and receive. No hard work or long hours required.
  •  A sacred ceremony around money, to intensify your intentions and desires
  •  A manifesting secret I learned from my five year old son
  •  A group to CELEBRATE your money wins and be encouraged to make more                (since it isn't culturally acceptable to celebrate amongst our friends or family...)
Unlike other courses that teach you "visualize and it will come" without changing anything internally (um, doesn't work), Magical Money Multiplier actually shifts your energy and mindset to create a lasting money attraction effect, and gives you the tools to keep unleveling as your finances grow. 
Magical Money Multiplier will dramatically reduce the amount of time and struggle it takes to shift your energy, jumpstart your money attraction, and quickly help you to feel at ease with your finances.
Money Activations for the Major Energy Centers of Your Body:
  • Root Chakra Activation  ($97 Value)
  • Sacral Chakra Activation  ($97 Value)
  • Solar Plexus Activation ($97 value)
  •  Heart Chakra Activation ($97 value)
  • Throat Chakra Activation ($97 value)
  • Third Eye Activation ($97 value)
  • Crown Chakra ($97 value)
  • Video Tutorial: How Energy and Money Works ($33 value)
  • Money Success Tracker ($33 value)
  • Private group to celebrate your wins, get your questions answered, and receive intuitive guidance from Mindy West (Priceless!)
Sacred Online Cacao Ceremony ($179 value)

Pyramid Manifesting Secret (I learned from my 5 year old son) (Priceless)

Special Discount Only Available Inside Magical Money Multiplier: Get $500 off a one-to-one Money Alignment Session with me - only $250. ($750 value)

The total value of Magical Money Multiplier is $1,674.

Now, obviously I'm not going to charge you this much for the course...

You'll receive all of this for only $297!
This is for women who:
  •  Are tired of struggling with money (no matter what income level they are at)
  • Want to attract more money with ease
  •  Want life to be more playful and fun
  •  Enjoy receiving
This is not for women who:
  •  Hate money
  •  Would rather hustle than be with their friends and family
  •  Want life to be hard
"You and your healings have helped me transform so many patterns in such profound ways, and the recordings are a stroke of genius. They are just as profound, if not more, because you can actually be present and listen at your pace and take in what you need to take in, or pause when you need to pause. It's AMAZING. You are one of the most powerful healers I know."

~Bianca, California
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
100% No Risk Promise

You have nothing to lose. Magical Money Multiplier will work if you do it. All you have to do is listen to the Money Activations, and if you decide the program doesn't work within the first 30 days we will refund your money.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Magical Money Multiplier work?
With each activation, you release the energy that is pushing money away, then activate that chakra to attract money to it. This is all on the energetic level. When we release our money blocks and shift the energy, we become magnetic to money.
How do the activations work?
The activations are energetically programmed to release the money blocks in each of your chakras. Once you turn on the recording, the energy starts flowing. The guided meditation is for you to receive guidance directly from your Angels and Guides. Nothing better than receiving information directly from the source!
How long are the activations?
It only takes 15-30 minutes to listen to the activations. The effects last a lifetime.
How often do I need to listen to the activations?
Listen to each activation at least once. I suggest one activation a day for seven days. Then repeat the ones you feel called to repeat.
Do I have to do something to make more money?
Maybe! Everyone has a different path. Some people start attracting surprise checks in the mail, while others apply for a new job and receive it (getting a raise in the process). Entrepreneurs may attract more clients. The list of ways money shows up in your life can go on. One time I checked a rarely used bank account two days in a row, and found an extra $200 in the account that I didn't deposit. 
The only way your finances will change is if you change. 

Magical Money Multiplier is easy, all you have to do is listen to the activations and let the energy do the work.

You don't have time to keep churning, struggling, desiring more income, and living a lifestyle below your standards

You don't have time to keep suffering because your finances are not in a state of abundance.

This is your life to live, NOW. At it's fullest.

With the financial support to make all your dreams a reality.
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